Saturday, August 2, 2014

Five for Friday on Saturday! TPT BIG SALE edition!

 Happy weekend my friends!  I have been in FULL teacher mode this week and working behind the scenes on several special projects that are perfect to share for this Five for Friday (on Saturday)  Edition.

First off, did you grab this little freebie?  If not, be sure to click below and grab your set!
 I needed some bright and colorful poster-size labels for my storage boxes in the workroom!
 I finally got these pretty little things printed out and will take pics soon of my storage box makeover!

 I created two new Editions to my Focus Wall Headers.  This is a peek at my Summer Craze Carnival Edition-
 Click here to see the entire set!

 Then I had a special request for a NEON Rainbow set and 
I think these turned out super-cute!
Click on any image to see more! 

 I was really inspired to honker down and get busy with this new TPT unit called WILD about SIGHT WORDS!
 For years, my district has used a hodge-podge of sight word lists but none have been very inspiring.  Now that the Common Core is DIGGING DEEPER, I really needed to offer my students an incentive to boost their confidence and reward their ever-expanding vocabularies!  After evaluating my district's current list, I found that MOST of the words were FRY words and I wanted to stick with a list that was consistent across the board.  So I came up with a little incentive program using all of FRY sight words 1-1,000.

 This 108 page unit has 30 Levels of Sight Words, Student Growth Charts, Brag Tags, 30 sets of Awards, and Editable Photo Frames to upload student pics for creating a fun hallway display.  
My favorite part of this new project is the fact that students will be able to SHOWCASE their expanding vocabularies with these visual displays and our school community and parents will be nurturing and celebrating that growth with us!
 I would love for you to read more about WILD about SIGHT WORDS so click here to visit my TPT store for more details!

That's right friends!  Get your shopping carts ready for two days of TPT bliss!
I will have my entire store already on sale, so this is your chance to get up to 28% off your entire purchase!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jumbo Storage Labels FREEBIE!

Hey Ya'll!  It's that time for summer cleaning and spritzing and sprucing up the classroom!  I must tell you that I am one lucky teacher to have a workroom which I use for storage and supplies.  My boxes and totes were looking pretty sad so I created some new JUMBO-size labels to turn that drab into FAB!

 If you can use these labels in your classroom, 
I'd love to share them with you!  
Click on the image below-

Happy Labeling!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday: Honeymoon Edition!

It's Friday and you know what that means!
I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you the highlights of my two week Honeymoon in Italy!
It began May 24, with this fairytale wedding!

And then in mid-June, Chris and I flew to Italy for a two-week honeymoon expedition!  Our first stop:  
a four day stay in VENICE!
 We decided that the water taxi was so much more fun than the traditional gondola ride!  (much cheaper too!)
 I fell in love with photographing doors and windows!  
Here are two of my favorites-

 When in Venice, I suggest reserving a small table at Da Mamo and experiencing the BEST pizza in the world!  
The amazing staff there will bring you desert like no other-
an almost-frozen mini-champagne shot of Lemoncello.  

From Venice we traveled by rail to Florence. Here are the highlights from our four days there!

 My favorite museum stop of the day!!!

 Rub this boar's nose and what do you get?
 A year's good luck!
 The best place in Florence for some sweet wine tasting is here!
Lots of CHEESE going on here!
Beyond Delicious!
 Then for desert?  The Gelato in Italy is on every corner!  It's a must-have to settle your sweet tooth after every big meal!  This place makes it fresh EVERY day!

From Florence to Rome for a 6 day stay that totally knocked my socks off!  I definitely left a piece of my heart back in Rome.

 Our hotel was out-of-this-world amazing!
This building is older than anything back in the states.
It definitely ROCKED with some old-school glam and history!

 I chose this hotel for one reason..........
 It is 50 paces from the Pantheon!!!!  
And as many of you know, the Pantheon is my heart!  I have been in love with that place since I first laid eyes on it in a grade school history book.
Isn't she lovely?!

When in Rome, you should also go here-

  Not to mention a day trip to the Vatican City!

We took a romantic walk through here-

 And don't forget to stop here for a WOWZA moment!

When in Rome, stop at Margherita's for dinner or lunch.  Food is fab and the outdoor patio has a great view!

Need Gelato in Rome?
Stop here for 150 flavors!
 This place also makes these gorgous candy bouquets to send as gifts!
I know you are probably thinking, more pictures of the Pantheon???
But here is what she looks like before dawn-
 Notice anything strange?
Not a person in sight.
That's right friends, I got a moment alone with my Pantheon.
Oh. My. Word.

I was extremely sad to leave Rome, but after all the tours and miles of walking everyday, Chris and I were ready to unwind.  Here is a peek at our 4-day stay on the Island of Capri.

 Our fabulous hotel-
 The most heavenly balcony you have ever seen!!!

 BREAKFAST in Capri looks like this-
 The views were breathtaking!

the honeymoon was absolutely perfect but two weeks wasn't long enough.  I am already day-dreaming of our return trip someday to the most romantic place in the world.
ITALY rocks!
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